What The Fuzz


What The Fuzz is a 2 silicon transistor fuzz pedal capable of everything from touch sensitive overdrive to thick, growling fuzz. This pedal is very responsive to your guitar’s volume and tone controls. What The Fuzz works great with other pedals and prefers to be first in the pedal chain to allow for maximum interaction with your guitar's controls. This pedal is the result of my personal need for an old school type fuzz but with added versatility including an increased fuzz range and a heavily gated mode. A tone control has also been added which blends between input capacitors. This affects not only the tonal characteristics of the signal but it also affects the gain characteristics as well.


What? Turn it up!

Tone: Counter clockwise produces thick fuzz, clockwise gives an almost lo-fi fuzz sound.

Fuzz: Counter clockwise will give you a gritty overdrive, clockwise brings out the heavy fuzz.

Toggle Switch: Switched to the left the fuzz is wide open, switched to the right the fuzz is gated for some interesting sputtering.

Glows in the dark and UV light reactive!

This pedal runs on a standard 2.1mm negative center 9 volt DC power supply ONLY.

These pedals are handmade in Astoria, Oregon. Designed and tested in a small closet, screen printed in a garage, built in a laundry room. Thank you for supporting a small family business.




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