We are Weird Noise. We build handmade guitar effects pedals in Astoria, OR. 

Drew - Sound

A lifetime music obsessive and a guitar player since graduating high school, my musical journey has lead me through many different phases. I began building pedal kits in 2008 but my pedal journey was interrupted when I started working as an audio engineer at various studios in the SF Bay Area and had no time for tinkering. Pedals and electronics in general have always fascinated me and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has given me the time to revisit my interest in building. Weird Noise was born out of that dumpster fire of a year.

Sonja - Design

A lifetime design obsessive and piano player since her early years, designing and making have been a main driving force in her life. She spent many years as a woodworker and doing graphic design projects on the side. Years of woodworking and wanting to save furniture from ending up in a landfill, she began restoring furniture for vintage shops and dealers. She has now brought her love of design, photography and screen printing skills to elevate Weird Noise to a visually striking pedal company where the designs seen on the pedals are matched only by the sounds coming out of them.