Fuzz It


This one knob hybrid fuzz pedal is actually two circuits in one. With the toggle set to the left it is a germanium fuzz that has a thick warm sound and is very interactive with your guitars volume knob. Flip the toggle to the right and the germanium fuzz circuit is cascaded into a silicon based circuit producing an almost broken sound that brings this fuzz into the dystopian modern age. The one knob controls volume. Made with NOS Soviet germanium transistors that are carefully matched and biased.

Glows in the dark and UV light reactive!

This pedal runs on a standard 2.1mm negative center 9 volt DC power supply ONLY.

These pedals are handmade in Astoria, Oregon. Designed and tested in a small closet, screen printed in a garage, built in a laundry room. Thank you for supporting a small family business.




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